Purpose and Scope


  1. The purpose of this Policy, It is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the terms of use and privacy policy that should be known by the users of the Health Pass Application of the Ministry of Health.
  2. This Policy covers Health Pass App users.



  1. This Policy has been prepared on the basis of other legal and administrative regulations related to Articles 10 and 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No 6698.



  1. In this policy;
  1. Law No. 5651: Law on Regulation of Broadcasts on the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts,
  2. Law No. 6698: The Law on the Protection of Personal Data,
  3. Ministry: T.C. Ministry of Health,
  4. FSEK: Law No. 5946 on Intellectual and Artistic Works,
  5. User: Health Pass App users,
  6. Policy: It refers to This User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

User Agreement


  1. User; It accepts and declares that the Ministry has no legal or penal responsibility for the costs, and that the accuracy or adequacy of the information contained in the Health Pass Application is not guaranteed by the Ministry while using the Health Pass Application, any text, information, comment, opinion, news, image, picture, figure, graphic and other content contained in the Health Pass Application and belonging to any natural or legal person, and the interruption of the broadcast of these contents any material or moral, positive or negative and possible damage suffered due to delay or incorrect publication, the use of these contents or the results of the decisions taken based on these contents, the fact that he has not read or read the terms of use of the Health Pass Application, but has not acted in accordance with them.
  2. User; It accepts and declares that the Ministry has no legal or criminal responsibility for any content, any liability that does not result in the use of the information to be obtained due to the presence of the Health Pass Application logo or the pages in the Health Pass Application on another website in any way, or the uploading of any content to the website by third parties or visitors, or the use of the Internet within the framework of general practices.
  3. User; It declares that the Ministry has the right to unilaterally change or update the User Agreement and Privacy Policy at any time, and that it accepts any changes to be made in these in advance.

Privacy Policy


  1. The privacy policy regulates the procedures and principles regarding the processing of your personal data. The obligations stipulated in the Law No. 6698 are fulfilled by the data controller.
  1. Identity of the data controller: The Health Pass Application is managed by the Ministry. Written applications to the data controller are sent to the address "T.R. Ministry of Health, Üniversitesiler Mahallesi, 6001. Cadde, No:9, Çankaya, Ankara"; Applications to be made via Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) should be sent to "sb@hs01.kep.tr".
  2. Purpose of processing personal data: Your personal data; It is processed for the purpose of executing identity verification processes, executing health service processes, executing risk management and emergency processes, executing communication activities, executing information security processes and executing/supervising travel activities.
  3. To whom and for what purpose personal data can be transferred: Your personal data is not recorded in the background in any way, and is not shared with third parties, without prejudice to the exemptions in the first paragraph of Article 28 of the KVK Law.
  4. Method and legal reason for personal data collection: Your personal data is processed at the time you visit the Health Pass Application due to the obligation stipulated by Law No. 6698 and Law No. 5651.
  5. Your Rights: Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law No. 6698;
    • Learning whether your personal data is processed,
    • If your personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,
    • Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose,
    • Knowing the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred in the country or abroad,
    • Requesting correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
    • Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data whose reasons for processing are eliminated,
    • Requesting notification of the actions you want to be taken on your personal data to third parties to whom your data is transferred,
    • Objecting to the consequences that may arise against you if your processed personal data is analyzed through automated systems,
    • If you have suffered damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data, to request the removal of this damage,
You can exercise your rights through the communication channels in subparagraph (a).

Personal data security


  1. As the data controller, the Ministry, as stipulated in Article 12 of the Law No. 6698, takes precaution all kinds of technical and administrative procedures necessary to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to prevent the unlawful processing of your personal data, to prevent unlawful access to your personal data and to ensure the preservation of your personal data.
  2. Your personal data, which we obtain due to being a Health Pass Application user, cannot be disclosed to anyone else and used for purposes other than the purpose of processing, contrary to the provisions of Law No. 6698 and this Policy. This obligation is not subject to any duration and continues indefinitely.
  3. In case your personal data is obtained by others illegally, this situation will be notified to you and the Personal Data Protection Board as soon as possible.

Destruction of data


  1. Your personal data that has been processed for the purposes specified in this Policy will be destroyed if the purpose of processing disappears.

Various Provisions


  1. The User accepts and declares that there may be links that lead to different websites on the Health Pass Application.
  2. The user accepts and declares that there may be material, that the Ministry has the legal rights regulated by FSEK regarding this material, that they cannot be copied, modified, reproduced, published, sold or used or interfered with without the permission of the Ministry can access any text, news, picture, photograph, figure, etc. of the Ministry on the Health Pass Application.
  3. The user accepts, declares and undertakes that the contents into the Health Pass Application and all electronic records belonging to the Ministry will be considered as conclusive evidence in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100. to read this Policy before logging, to comply with all the provisions herein, in case of any dispute or conflict regarding these provisions, Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.